About Baby Bull Boxing Workouts & What to Bring

Whether you choose to take punches or are just getting fit, boxing training is about disciplining the mind and body, going the distance. For the individual, this can mean simply building a more solid core, increasing endurance, building muscle, strengthening your legs, or want to learn REAL boxing technique. It is good for all.

Things to Know:

#1: We are NOT a climate controlled gym

“A good fighter doesn’t need AC and a bad fighter hasn’t earned it.”

We live by this motto. We believe in the simplicity and power of an authentic boxing workout environment. We don’t have ac/heat because you can’t get the full capability of a real boxing workout with it. But that’s okay because you’re coming to Baby Bull Boxing to get STRONGER. In our gym, you’ll be challenged to grow mentally and physically—that’s why you come.


What to Bring to Classes

Face mask (must cover the nose & mouth)

Water bottle


Jump rope 

Hand wraps (not necessary for Heavy Metal)

Boxing Gloves (not necessary for Heavy Metal)

Positive attitude

About Classes

1. For those new to boxing and/or Baby Bull Boxing gym

If you are new to boxing or the gym, you must first take Training Camp. This class gives us a sense of your skill, while also introducing you to basic boxing movements and gear you’ll need for the rest of the classes.

While sparring may be allowed as per guidelines by USA Boxing, our gym is focused primarily on boxing training and fitness. This means that you don’t have to spar unless you choose to and are USA Boxing certified

2. Now that you’ve taken Training Camp

Once you’ve taken Training Camp, you can move on to one of the many boxing training classes we offer. 

A good class to try first is Speedbox. The 60 minute session typically includes a mixture of shadow boxing/jump rope warm up, followed by rounds of boxing combos at the bag and short cardio activities. The last portion may incorporate a focus on core. Sessions vary depending on the coach.

3. Having trouble with the combos?

Don’t worry – it just takes time and practice. We all had to walk before we could run. The more classes you take the better you become! See the full list of classes we offer and a brief description here.

Questions & Information

Please contact us or call the gym at 832.968.3343