• Brian Caldwell
    Brian Caldwell


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    What do Juan Diaz, Rocky Juarez, and Tomasz Adamek all have in common? Two words: Brian Caldwell. He brings 15 plus years of professional experience training elite athletes to Baby Bull Boxing. With a masters degree in physiology, he's an expert in the art of kicking your ass. The former three time Golden Gloves champion will whip you into shape faster than you can say “box”.

  • Muhammad
    Muhammad “Mo” Aziz

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  • Derwin Richards
    Derwin Richards

    Slick Richards

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    Born and raised in Houston, TX, Derwin is a USA boxing coach and former professional boxer. As head coach to 4 time lightweight world champion, Juan "Baby Bull" Diaz, Derwin trains his athletes to high standards. He recently trained Ginny Fuch in preparation for the USA Olympic 2016 women's team. His energy is contagious and will fuel your fitness goals to new heights.

  • Stephanie Pharries

    Heavy Metal Trainer

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    Stephanie is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. Her expertise includes training for strength, weight loss, and functional fitness. In addition, she is a licensed massage therapist specializing in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, graduating valedictorian in 2010. Her objective is to integrate one's mental and physical wellbeing with fitness and massage therapy to reach a person's desired results. Helping others achieve health and fitness goals by promoting activities that stimulate the mind and body, and coping methods that transform unhealthy habits into fitness fuel, Stephanie is there to guide you through your journey.

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  • Chris Vaisnoras
    Chris Vaisnoras

    The Chemist

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    Chris graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After a successful corporate career he followed his passion for nutrition and entrepreneurship and is now a Certified Nutrition Advisor and owns several online businesses/inventions. He works with everyday adults to Olympic Athletes and Pros. Members can hit him up for a free nutritional consultation.

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